IGNITE Your Marriage

Through many years of experience Drummond and Lindah Robinson have identified 7 practical life-changing keys that contribute towards the success and enrichment of marriages when applied on a daily basis. They also noticed that if any one of these secrets are omitted from a marriage relationship even for a short period of time, the marriage will be subjected to immense strain, which often results in total breakdown.

These keys, when diligently applied will transform your marriage relationship resulting in abundant blessings
for you and your family.


Written by Drummond and Lindah Robinson

This course is designed to give you 7 powerful keys that will restore love, harmony and passion in your marriage. Marriage is an adventure, a journey of exploration – full of surprises and excitement. You can have the marriage you dreamed of. Perhaps you have had disappointments, hurts, betrayal or just a relationship that has slipped slowly into a state of mediocrity, complacency and lack of joy and peace. Every ingredient needed to bake a cake is important, leave one out and the cake will flop. Every part of a car engine is vital for it to operate efficiently. If one part breaks, the whole car comes to a standstill. They may seem obvious when you see them but don’t be tempted to leave even one out or you will miss the path to marriage bliss. Many marriages have broken down and ended in divorce by just leaving out one of these keys.

So what are these key ingredients that can change your life and marriage?

These keys are expounded in each of the presentations you will now see in this course. Each session comes with a beautiful, full colour manual that you can use to follow the sessions. At the end of every session there are discussion points and guides for personal reflection.

Thousands of marriages have been touched and transformed as we have shared these keys around the world. Now in our new latest update called IGNITE, we have expounded on these keys and principles to make them even more relevant and powerful for marriages.


Here is a sneak preview of the keys and curriculum:

  • Mercy – This first key will stop that cycle of PAIN-BLAME-SHAME, and bring new life.
  • Atmosphere – we discuss how important it is to have a warm inviting atmosphere in our homes.
  • Time  – Let us see how we can build our intimacy by spending more fun time together.
  • Communication – None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it.
  • Honour – Without honour, you have nothing to build upon.
  • Energy – It just takes a small spark to start a mighty flame.
  • Sexual Intimacy – “Intimacy is the heartbeat of married life.” – Lindah Robinson



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There are 7 practical life-changing keys that contribute towards the success and enrichment of marriages when applied on a daily basis. These keys, when diligently applied will transform your marriage relationship resulting in abundant blessings for you and your family. An introduction to the Marriage seminar IGNITE YOUR MARRIAGE written and presented by Drummond and Lindah Robinson

This ministry brings life and hope to so many – very excited about “The Promise”. Can’t wait to facilitate it here in East London. Debbie Boardman

The Promise, East London

I just finished reading your book “Living in God’s River of Mercy.” Wow! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from heart! For the first time in 50 years, I have released my parents and my sister into the river of mercy. Thank you for your message of freedom through forgiveness and through being a channel of His mercy to others. May God richly bless your ministry! Carla

Living in God’s River of Mercy, U.S.A.

I want to honor the Family Transformation Centre and all its leaders and role players. You guys are doing incredible work in and around the City and our country! Families and lives are changed permanently, set free and released to fulfill their destinies and live lives that honor our Lord Jesus Christ! God truly smiles upon all of you! A heartfelt thank you! Dr Marieke Roux

Family Transformation Centre, P.E., Port Elizabeth

Present this course at your church

In order to present the course in your church, a leader from your church needs to be trained as a facilitator. This is done by attending the course once, and then doing the facilitator training course to gain the heart of the course content and style of ministry.

Training courses are presented at the Resource Base in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, every month. See the dates and times for registration on the home page.You may also be trained by attending a course followed by the facilitator training course presented by a church accredited by us in your area.Please contact us for more information regarding training.


  • A short video session ±15 mins
  • Projects to do at home. The more you discuss and apply at home, the more you will get out of this journey.
    – Discussion Time assignments with partner
    – Personal Reflection excercises



The course will:

  • Equip and release leadership with a confidence and heart to minister to others
  • Bring healing and wholeness
  • Significantly reduce your “one to one” counselling demand as the group sessions help people deal with their issues
  • Supplement the “Anointed Marriage” and “Together Forever” courses in building whole marriages
  • Attract many people from the community to your church. It is an excellent outreach tool


Please see under testimonies how many thousands of people have been touched personally and in their marriage and family. Churches have seen leaders raised up and people committing their lives to Christ.