Thursday 26 October – Saturday 28 October (PE)

Begins at 6:15pm on Thursday and Friday and 9am – 3pm on the Saturday

Booking essential

Please check your local Family Centre for dates and times available.

This course will help to clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God, which has so often been robbed through a lack of blessing from parents, generational bondages, curses and undesirable life patterns.

We can experience freedom and blessing -it’s our birthright!

Topics covered include:

  • What is ruling over your life (Kingdom positioning)
  • Strongholds and their effects(dealing with an orphan spirit and thinking)
  • Positioned in shame or honour
  • Critical times of blessing in our development years
  • Positioned in judgement or forgiveness
  • Positioned in sonship
  • Positioned through sowing and reaping
  • Receiving Father’s blessing for your life
  • Positioned for a new inheritance and success

Clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God so you can position yourself in the Father’s blessing and  become a blessing to others