IGNITE Your Marriage Starter Pack

R1,180.00 R900.00

  • Includes 32Gb USB Memory Stick
  • 2 Printed Full-Colour Manuals


This course is designed to give you 7 powerful keys that will restore love, harmony and passion in your marriage. Marriage is an adventure, a journey of exploration – full of surprises and excitement. You can have the marriage you dreamed of. Perhaps you have had disappointments, hurts, betrayal or just a relationship that has slipped slowly into a state of mediocrity, complacency and lack of joy and peace. Every ingredient needed to bake a cake is important, leave one out and the cake will flop. Every part of a car engine is vital for it to operate efficiently. If one part breaks, the whole car comes to a standstill. They may seem obvious when you see them but don’t be tempted to leave even one out or you will miss the path to marriage bliss. Many marriages have broken down and ended in divorce by just leaving out one of these keys.

So what are these key ingredients that can change your life and marriage?

These keys are expounded in each of the presentations you will now see in this course. Each session comes with a beautiful, full colour manual that you can use to follow the sessions. At the end of every session there are discussion points and guides for personal reflection.

Thousands of marriages have been touched and transformed as we have shared these keys around the world. Now in our new latest update called IGNITE, we have expounded on these keys and principles to make them even more relevant and powerful for marriages.



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