Drummond & Lindah Robinson.

We have authored various books & seminars to help equip people to overcome personal emotional and relational challenges and give them practical Biblical principles to rise up and establish an overcoming and victorious lifestyle.

We also offer webinars, personal Counselling and team building resources.


4 Ways to obtain our products

1. Streaming Platform

Some of our video courses are available on our streaming platform.

Benefits Include:

  • Register as an individual or as a Group.
  • Watch the videos as you stream.
  • View the videos anywhere you are.
  • Multiple site viewing.
  • FREE digital course manual to download and print for each participant.

2. Hard Copy

Please Note: If you want to purchase the hard copy version and if you are a first time buyer please begin with our hard copy starter packs

If you have already purchased a starterpack and want additional copies of the manuals then we recommend you purchase our hard copy manuals.

3. Digital Download

Our video courses are now available for you to download and view in the comfort of your own home or use for small groups.

4. International Visitors

If you’re an international visitor or read your books on a Kindle, you can get both hard copies and Kindle versions of our books on Amazon! Follow the links to get your copies from Amazon.

Books By Drummond

Books By Lindah

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Latest News from Drummond and Lindah

In this space we will be sharing news and something from our hearts to bring hope and encouragement. We will post some series that we have for women, men, marriage and families.

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Rising Above – New Course!

Create Meaningful Change!

  • Attain mental & emotional wellbeing especially after the Covid crisis.
  • Develop a balanced healthy & energised lifestyle.
  • Enhance relational harmony & unity in family & workplace.
  • Develop their Leadership skills & empower Team Building Dynamics.
​The course is designed to help people create momentum for meaningful change to achieve success and fulfillment in life.

Building families – changing nations

Our heart is to restore, equip and empower people in their lives, marriages and families. Over the years we have donated substantial amounts of resources & finance into prisons, low income communities and struggling marriages & families.

We have also invested much into restoring & equipping church leaders during our “Lifestyle Wellness seminars” both locally & internationally.

Our book & video resources are sold at very reduced prices to be easily available to most people.

In fact, only 25% of our income is derived from the sale of resources. Most of our income comes through donations from people & Organizations who faithfully support us either by one time or monthly contributions. 

Weekly Podcasts

Join us for our weekly podcasts where we discuss various topics and themes which will help you build a better life!

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