Our vision is to:

Build, empower and restore peoples lives, marriages and families
through Biblical Lifestyle Wellness Resources and coaching.

What “one thing” could make a massive difference to our world

  • Restore relationships… bring unity & harmony in marriage & families.
  • Restore stability, trust, peace & hope to the world.
  • Reduce racial tensions, gender based violence
  • Ensure financial stability, job security & an equitable standard of living for all.
  • Foster peace & harmony between nations

The Answer is Honor

  • Honor that gives, respect, dignity & value to people we deal with daily.
  • Honor that encourages, empowers & blesses others.
  • Honor that seeks unity, peace & harmony through kindness & compassion.
  • Honoring people in our attitudes, words & actions.
  • Honor in Business, Politics, Sport… in fact every area of daily life.
  • Men who treat women & especially their wives & children with respect.
  • Men who Protect, Serve, Provide for & lead with integrity.

The level of integrity, responsibility and honor found in men, directly correlates to the state of the world we live in today.

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Men of Honor

What ‘one thing’ can change our world? Honor! This is a call to live by a code of Honor that can change the world and alter the course of history for individuals, families, communities and nations.A book for men…that every woman should read. Available Online in English, Afrikaans, Portuguese & Dutch.

Posted by Family Transformation International on Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Drummond & Lindah Robinson.

We have authored various books & seminars to help equip people to overcome personal emotional and relational challenges and give them practical Biblical principles to rise up and establish an overcoming and victorious lifestyle.

We also offer webinars, personal Counselling and team building resources.


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Helping you to grow in your personal life, leadership and identity and grow in your relationships, Marriage, Family, Parenting.

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Helping you to grow in your personal life, leadership and identity and grow in your relationships, Marriage, Family, Parenting.


Building families – changing nations

Our heart is to restore, equip and empower people in their lives, marriages and families. Over the years we have donated substantial amounts of resources & finance into prisons, low income communities and struggling marriages & families. We have also invested much into restoring & equipping church leaders during our “Lifestyle Wellness seminars” both locally & internationally.

Our book & video resources are sold at very reduced prices to be easily available to most people.
In fact, only 25% of our income is derived from the sale of resources. Most of our income comes through donations from people & Organizations who faithfully support us either by one time or monthly contributions.

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Life changing courses with practical, biblically based principles to transform your life, marriage, family and church


Woman of Peace
Woman of Promise
A Woman Beyond Compare


The Anointed Marriage
IGNITE Your Marriage
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Men of Honor

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Resources to help equip, heal and transform

Over the years, God has provided us with resources in the form of books, videos and audio clips, to
help heal, equip and transform people, marriages and families. Through His grace, love and mercy,
lives in many different nations have been touched. Find out more below.


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A passion for restoring families

God called us to restore lives, marriages and families in 1984. Our vision is to develop Family Transformation Centres across the nations where people can attend seminars led by trained facilitators, receive counselling and be transformed to make a meaningful contribution in their communities.

Lindah and Drummond Robinson

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