Our vision is to:

Build, empower & restore people’s lives, marriages & families through Biblical resources and Lifestyle Wellness coaching.


Drummond & Lindah Robinson.

We have authored various books & seminars to help equip people to overcome personal emotional and relational challenges and give them practical Biblical principles to rise up and establish an overcoming and victorious lifestyle.

We also offer webinars, personal Counselling and team building resources.


How to obtain our products

Two options: Partnership or Shop Direct

ALL our digital resources are FREE when you partner with us by way of a monthly subscription.

We strongly believe this will greatly encourage people to use and benefit from the resources and we don’t want to withhold any of our resources from those who cannot afford them.

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How does it work?

Partnership Program

  • All digital products are free to download when you join our partnership program from as little as R75pm.
  • You’ll receive 3 credits (valued up to R900) each month to use to download our digital resources.
  • Videos are worth 3 credits, eBooks 2 credits and eBooklets 1 credit.
  • You may use the resources for yourself or to run a course/mentoring group.
  • Print license fees are not required for multiple copies but we would welcome any donations.
  • Plus receive 10% discount on all hard copy purchases.
  • Cancel anytime with 1 months notice after the first 12 months.
I would like to become a partner to receive free downloads AND get 10% discount on hard copy purchases

Shop Direct

Digital resources and hard copy products, like our videos on USB sticks, printed manuals and books, are still available for purchase at a nominal price to cover our production costs.

Love and Blessings

Drummond & Lindah

Weekly Podcasts

Join us for our weekly podcasts where we discuss various topics and themes which will help you build a better life!

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Latest News from Drummond and Lindah

In this space we will be sharing news and something from our hearts to bring hope and encouragement. We will post some series that we have for women, men, marriage and families.