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This updated refreshed version of Together Forever has been released bringing in new content and video to meet the ever-changing challenges and needs of couples in the world today.

IGNITE Your Marriage

This course is designed to give you 7 powerful keys that will restore love, harmony and passion in your marriage.

Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness

Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness

An ideal tool to facilitate connection, encouragement and to empower!

Finding Emotional Wellness in a Stressful World

Emotional diagnosis to establish gain / risk dynamics in the process of renewing your energy, team building and partnership agreements

This workshop will help you understand the useful purpose of our emotions which effect every area of our lives. We’ll look at how to deal with change, which causes emotions that sometimes we’re not sure how to deal with. Come learn about gain and loss cycles and how to move forward with renewed energy and hope.

Touching lives around the world...

…through resources, seminars and conferences.

      We have been through such a powerful time of ministry recently in South Africa and Kenya. In fact it all took place in a 30 day period and we felt we should try and share some of the highlights and testimony with you. We have called it “30 Days of Glory”.

Our Vision is to build, empower and restore peoples lives, marriages and families

Through the help and inspiration of God, we have developed online & video based courses, books
and resources that saturate people with the Word of God, leading them to repentance,
healing and restoration by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Life Changing Courses

Life changing courses with practical, biblically based principles to transform your life, marriage, family and church

Positioned For Blessing

Why do some people seem to be more blessed than others?

Men of Honour

This book focuses on a special quality that, if embraced by men, can change the lives of those around them and even the course of history

Together Forever

Our marriage preparation course

IGNITE Your Marriage

Transform your relationship and marriage

The Anointed Marriage

A course aimed at anointing marriages and empowering families

A Woman Beyond Compare

Be inspired and empowered as you to mature into the fullness of the Bride of Christ

Woman of Peace

Restoring your peace, passion and purpose in life

Woman of Promise

Woman of Peace seminar presented by Lindah Robinson

We are grateful to God for entrusting us with the message contained in these resources, which have transformed the lives, marriages and families of tens of thousands of people from various nations and cultures in every social structure of life. We would like to say thank you and give you:

A “FREE COPY” of any one of our e-books which you can download when you purchase any of our offline or online courses.

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Helping you to grow in your personal life, leadership and identity and grow in your relationships, Marriage, Family, Parenting.

Resources to help equip, heal and transform

Over the years, God has provided us with resources in the form of books, videos and audio clips, to
help heal, equip and transform people, marriages and families. Through His grace, love and mercy,
lives in many different nations have been touched. Find out more below.


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A passion for restoring families

God called us to restore lives, marriages and families in 1984. Our vision is to develop Family Transformation Centres across the nations where people can attend seminars led by trained facilitators, receive counselling and be transformed to make a meaningful contribution in their communities.

Lindah and Drummond Robinson