The joys and delight of a happy marriage are a blessing to everyone around us, especially our children. I remember 2 children aged about 8 and 10 coming up to us after a marriage course their parents had attended with us saying ‚ÄúThank you for helping our Mom & Dad to have a happy marriage, […]

FTI Academy Launching 2 New Courses

LAUNCHING 2 ADDITIONAL COURSES ON OUR NEW 🌐 ONLINE ACADEMY Our life-changing courses can now be STREAMED to you whenever, wherever on your own or in a group from our online Academy. [LAUNCH SPECIAL] ❤️ 50% discount voucher for FIRST 50 registrations during February! ❤️ Use voucher code: FTI50%FEB NB: you then have 12 months to view the videos. ¬≠AVAILABLE COURSES […]