PAGE 60… In Song of Songs 1:13 the bride says, “My beloved is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts.” In those days, as a beauty treatment, a bride would prepare herself for her marriage by sleeping with a sachet of myrrh between her breasts the night before her wedding. There is nothing more intoxicating to a man than the sweet, costly, fragrance of a surrendered life. It is a mark of trust to the one you surrender to. In this giving of oneself, there is great joy as the gift of your life is presented to each other in total abandonment. This is the ecstasy of being one, spirit, soul and body. Later in the chapter we will learn about the mountain peaks and their delights as the lovers in the Song surrender to each other in covenant love.

Myrrh’s secret to an abundant life, is that although it is seemingly bitter, it brings a sweetness! It teaches us that the secret to love is in the giving! This begins in marriage by a giving and a total surrendering of yourself to God and to your husband. Covenant commitment declares: “All I am and have I give to you; unconditionally and without reserve, holding nothing back.” The more you give, sacrificially the more you gain! This kind of love can taste bitter sometimes as it costs us.

It is sometimes easier to withdraw and hold back, to protect yourself. Vulnerability is far more difficult! In marriage we are moving from independence to inter-dependence, this requires a surrendering and letting go of that to which we have formerly been attached. There is a price to pay. However, the rewards in your marriage will be sweet and precious!



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