The joys and delight of a happy marriage are a blessing to everyone around us, especially our children.

I remember 2 children aged about 8 and 10 coming up to us after a marriage course their parents had attended with us saying “Thank you for helping our Mom & Dad to have a happy marriage, we were so afraid they might divorce”.

So to help you enrich your marriage, we have the following:

# IGNITE YOUR MARRIAGE with 7 Video sessions & full colour manual.

•     Easy to work through together or with some friends in your home or church group.

•     Powerful practical keys to enrich your marriage.

•     Video course available on our online video streaming academy.

Books on marriage you can download digitally.

FAN the FLAME of love & romance in your marriage. 

Easy to work through,

7 chapters with discussion points to help you connect & enrich your marriage & family.

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Equipping you for life,

Drummond & Lindah Robinson