Community Outreach

Lives and families need to be restored at every level of society for nations to be transformed. We are so grateful that God has opened doors for us into the prisons and squatter camps in Kenya and beyond. Churches have been planted and schools are starting. Oppression is being lifted and hoped restored.


In Kamiti, the maximum security prison for men, we have seen revival take place as the senior commander, Joshua Yuma  has embraced the programme. Men now address one another as “Man of Honour” and many of the men have given their lives to the Lord, including some of the most feared and notorious criminals. (See video clip testimony of Philip Onyancha). His testimony was aired on prime time television news in Kenya.

There has been revival among the women as well, including the testimony of Dianna, a notorious “cult leader” who also gave her life to the Lord and who is now influencing the lives of many other women.

What has been most amazing is that the graduation ceremonies which take place at the end of the courses, are attended by the inmates, wardens, commanders and chaplains together!. They are all going through the courses and graduating together which has resulted in mutual respect and changed the atmosphere in the prisons.

We have been involved in helping to meet their practical needs as well. In the one prison, there were insufficient plates and 3000 prisoners had to have their food dished directly onto their hands. The money was raised and have to date purchased 1200 special steel plates and cups to bring dignity to these people (see pictures). We have also provided other basic needs to the men and woman. We have to finance all the resources and people who serve in this ministry and would welcome your financial support to enable this outreach to continue as many more prisons are opening up to our team in Kenya.


The Woman of Peace course has also touched the lives of many women in Kibera, one of the world’s largest squatter camps. We have found great favour with Mary, the Chairperson of the woman’s organization of Kibera. She has a vision to take 500,000 women through the course to restore their dignity and value. In the process, marriages and families are being restored. Here too we need many resources including TVs and DVD players.

We have helped them start a preschool for the children of the mothers involved in the course and have provided resources and meals, as we have been able. (seepics).


The Family Transformation team in Kenya is led by Julius and Benjaline A’Kenga, who have served faithfully and sacrificially. We Honour them for their efforts in this ministry.

They have also trained up Ben and Valentine Nguti in Mombasa to present the courses and in fact we have started a Family Transformation office in that area now.

Out of the Family Transformation ministry in these areas, we have now planted 2 churches. Christian Family Chapel in Nairobi, led by Julius and Benjaline and New Hope Church in Mtwapa, north of Mombasa, led by Ben and Valentine.

We are in fact going to attend some of the latest graduations ceremonies and visit the churches from the 22nd June 2012.

We are continually receiving requests from other African countries to help train them and provide resources so that they can minister to people and families in their own communities. In fact we are receiving 2 pastors from Malawi in May and urgently need finances to help launch the ministry in these areas.

In South Africa we never prevent anyone from attending the courses due to lack of finance and continually sponsor those who do not have the finance to attend and be restored.

If you feel led to partner with us in this ministry, please contact us or go to our Donate button on this website.


Lindah and Drummond Robinson visiting Kibera in Kenya- one of the largest informal settlements in the world. A short video showing the conditions that the people live in, and how much hope the Woman of Peace course is bringing to the women there.


If you feel led to partner with us in this ministry, please contact us or go to our Donate page on this website.