Morning 😁
In this space we will be sharing news and something from our hearts to bring hope and encouragement.
we will post some series that we have for women, men, marriage and families.

I am challenged by this today:
Are you enjoying everything Jesus has made possible for you? Or are you still feeling guilty and powerless?
Jesus came to bring forgiveness, new life and the power of the Holy Spirit to you.
*Make sure you take possession of what is already yours, today.*
We have been given the gift of Mercy, salvation & righteousness, the purpose & destiny of God to fulfil, but also in the natural we need to take possession & establish Gods Kingdom in & thru our lives ,
so Father thank you we can take possession of all you have destined for us to fulfil your purpose for us,
to bless & provide for people but mostly to establish your purpose, destiny & Kingdom, thank you this is the day of possession & breakthru, 🙏🙏🙏