In this world of increasing turmoil and stress that is impacting on everyday life especially relationships, I have realised that that we have lost the value of kindness in life.
Genuine God centred Kindness can transform relationships. Kindness is defined as the goodness of God in action. It is selfless tenderness, consideration, benevolence and the ability to act for the welfare of others, even those taxing your patience. it is helping when not expected, even anticipating a need and serving others in a way that gives hope, encouragement.
Kindness is the expression of Gods Love and Mercy. 
Kindness is the most powerful and underrated agent of human change to enhance harmony and unity in relationships. It really does not take a lot of effort to be kind and so is often at very little cost to us in relation to the benefits achieved. Restored marriage and family harmony will result as trust and unity is always developed where there is genuine kindness.
Eph 4:32 says "be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another AS God in Christ has forgiven you".
I have emphasised the AS because it is not just a matter of our own interpretation of kindness but the be kind in the same way and measure that God is kind to us. That is why it is Supernatural Kindness!.
Please click on the link if you would like to watch the 30 min video on Kindness that I shared recently.