Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness is a mentoring/discipleship tool that will enable you to connect with people by quickly ascertaining the challenges they are facing and where their life is out of balance.

It is an ideal tool to facilitate connection, encouragement and to empower someone
to release their full potential.


Are you feeling stressed, tired and out of balance with life?

Are you responsible for leading people who also feel overwhelmed and out of balance?

Do you need a quick and easy method to generate meaningful dialogue to get to the root of the problem?

This program is a lifestyle intervention resource, which through a number of steps facilitates three keys to change: Self-awareness, Contemplation and Action.


It provides a point of connection to facilitate meaningful discourse to establish areas of strengths and areas for development. It further helps you pinpoint lifestyle imbalances that are contributing to stress, frustration and possible relational tensions.

When any domain/quadrant is out of order, then the wheel of your life does not function smoothly and efficiently.

There is a focus on establishing beliefs and values and then determining an action plan to facilitate meaningful change and growth in each domain.





Anyone wanting to release his or her hopes, vision, and potential.

It is an invaluable resource, which will guide someone step by step to create and restore lifestyle balance. This balance should create a renewed sense of energy and purpose, which will help propel someone further into their destiny.

Useful in any relationship where there is a desire to grow, equip, advance and release potential.

Can be used in a group setting followed by one-to-one personal discussion.

It is ideal for pastors or cell leaders to have meaningful dialogue with people they are responsible for to see development and growth.


If you are in leadership and you feel you need balance restored in your life, this wellness retreat is for you.  In order to live in a way that is fruitful, productive, peace and joyful, we need wholeness and balance in our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives.  There is no example and benefit in leadership when we are exhausted and broken ourselves – emotionally and physically.  Being out of balance prevents you from having the energy to pursue the personal calling on your life. When you as a leader are drained, you also lack the capacity to give out to others. This can start a spiral, often leading to personal relational problems and even burnout.

Self-awareness, Contemplation and Action

The Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness program is a lifestyle intervention resource, which through a number of steps will help you facilitate three keys to restore balance and bring out change: Self-awareness, Contemplation and Action and then look at each of the four key quadrants in your life and help you to assess where you need balance restored and what you can do about it. It is designed to help you release your hopes, vision and potential and also provide you with renewed energy to grow, advance and fulfill your destiny.

God is interested in YOU. So often as leaders we put others first, constantly serving until our resources are entirely depleted. This is an opportunity to allow God to refresh, restore and rejuvenate you with renewed energy, vision and hope.


God is interested in YOU. So often as leaders we put others first, constantly serving until our resources are entirely depleted. This is an opportunity to allow God to refresh, restore and rejuvenate you with renewed energy, vision and hope.


We arrived at Carmel feeling quite expectant, knowing that Drummond and Lindah are always sensitive to the Spirit and minister out of a place of walking in what they preach and teach.
I particularly was battling to cope with all the changes we had experienced over a number of years and felt depressed and stuck. The content of the course (Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness) has liberated us both.
We look forward to greater discovery as we continue down this path of Wellness…spirit, soul and body.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

The entire programme was very informative and life changing.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

The Retreat had a great impact on our marriage, but my whole life, work, and ministry was impacted.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

I found that the Retreat was well planned, well organised and had excellent time management.  It brought about a realisation of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

I needed this retreat in order to identify imbalances in  my life that are causing me to live and work tired. I know what I need to work on.
I would definitely recommend it to others.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

We came very expectant and excited.. we knew that we had to be here.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

It was very impactful. I have learnt and lot and have grown spiritually.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

I feel empowered, uplifted and excited to help others and to bring an awareness of health and to understand others regarding their losses irrespective of how insignificant it seems to me…

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

I felt like a 1000 pieces of a puzzle when I arrived but now I know how to put the puzzle together

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

It is life  changing – giving you the “HOW TO”, the tool to change your life forever.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel

It helped me identify my losses and set some goals as to how to work through them.

Leaders Wellness Retreat, Carmel


Present this course at your church

In order to present the course in your church, a leader from your church needs to be trained as a facilitator. This is done by attending the course once, and then doing the facilitator training course to gain the heart of the course content and style of ministry.

Training courses are presented at the Resource Base in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, every month. See the dates and times for registration on the home page.You may also be trained by attending a course followed by the facilitator training course presented by a church accredited by us in your area.Please contact us for more information regarding training.




  • You will receive a detailed colour manual, which guides you on a step-by-step journey.
  • You will receive a short, simple leaders guide to assist you to present the program and mentor other people.
  • In the program there is a short teaching time for each session, personal time to work on individual assignments and further discussion time – all giving you deeper insight and information on lifestyle balance, the 4 domains of our life and the 3 keys to change.

We recommend that it is done over at least 4 sessions of about 1 hour each, with a few days in between each session for the personal assignment to be completed. This is then followed by discussion of the personal assignment and introduction to the next section.

There is an optional DVD, which covers the introduction session only.



Pastors Drummond and Lindah have been involved in family ministry since 1984. They have a passion for healthy, Godly families and to see marriages restored.
They have recently launched the “Kingdom Life Style Program” to help all, but especially leaders, to live more balanced lives.
They are the authors of several books such as Fan the Flame, River of Mercy and Men of Honor.




Please see under testimonies how many thousands of people have been touched personally and in their marriage and family. Churches have seen leaders raised up and people committing their lives to Christ.