In order to live in a way that is fulfilling, fruitful, productive and joyful, we need wholeness and balance in our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives.

Being out of balance prevents you from having the energy to pursue the personal calling on your life.

When you are not energised, you lack the capacity to give to others. This often leads to personal & relational problems; sometimes even burnout.

God is interested in YOU

This is an opportunity to allow God to refresh, restore and rejuvenate you with renewed energy, vision & hope.

The Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness Program will look at each of the four key quadrants in your life and help you to assess where you need balance restored and what you can do about it. It is designed to help you release your hopes, vision and potential. It will also provide you with renewed energy to grow, advance and fulfil your destiny.


We want to bring God’s restoration to leaders in all domains of life. Please consider this for yourself and also pass this on to someone you know that needs this equipping retreat.

Join Drummond and Lindah Robinson and allow God to refresh you in your life, marriage, family and calling.

Carmel Guest Farm


Carmel is often described as “a little bit of heaven on earth” where God’s presence is tangible. Whether through God’s creation, fellowship or some of the teachings, you are bound to leave here refreshed & restored.

As always, Carmel offers a unique experience of Christian fellowship and teaching, a warm sense of family, and delicious food plus the opportunity to get away from it all in one of the most beautiful coastal settings to be found. Our newly introduced programs vary from light hearted family fun during our holiday times to more academic, reflective & edifying programs depending on the subject. Seize the opportunity to come to Carmel and experience teaching from some of the most renowned speakers and experts in their fields!




Arrive Monday from 14h00 – depart Friday 10h00.


Sessions will include: 

  • Lifestyle Wellness Assessments.
  • Balancing your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life.
  • Information regarding your nutritional choices and its impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Helping you to clarify and define your life “mission”.
  • Finding Emotional Wellness in a stressful world – how to deal with the losses we face on a daily basis.
  • Reviving relational harmony.
  • Prophetic prayer and encouragement.



  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner all inclusive.
  • Plenty of time for rest and recreation. There will be a daily light exercise program and personal time to have fun, rest & be restored.
  • Input into healthy eating.
  • Space Limited


For enquiries contact Carol 041 581 8442 at accounts@familytransformation.org

I found that the Retreat was well planned, well organised and had excellent time management. It brought about a realisation of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.


I felt like a 1000 pieces of a puzzle when I arrived but now I know how to put the puzzle together


We highly recommend that every leader attends this one week seminar that will change your life, enrich your marriage and transform your leadership and ministry.