Life Changing Marriage Course

We recently attended the graduation ceremony of some couples who had completed our Anointed Marriage course at Jacobs Well Church in Schauderville Gqeberha.

This is a gang controlled community with drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and violence. The ceremony was a celebration of lives transformed. People who had been part of gangs, living on the streets and from broken marriages and families, rededicated their lives and marriages to Christ.

Then on the 17th June, we joined 16 couples for a marriage weekend away. Many had never been away together, in fact never been out to a restaurant.

We had an amazing time. One man shared how he had left home at the age of 14 and lived on the streets, became part of a gang, was involved in drugs alcohol and robberies. Was arrested and spent time in prison. When he was released he once again spent time living in parks in our city. He met a woman and they lived on the streets together.

They relied on feeding schemes to survive. Then he was taken to Jacobs Well Church. He did our Men of Honor course and the lady did our Woman of Peace course. They then did our Anointed Marriage course and got married. This is just one shortened story.

The thing that touched Lindah and I as we drove home was that those families on the retreat, represented 45 children.

Children that would be on the street if their parents lives had not been turned around. Now the parents have jobs, there is order, harmony and blessing in the homes.

We were overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

We are so thankful to Pastors Marlon and Suraya Haramse  who faithful run these courses, pastor and take care of the people who come to the church for help. They see hunderds of lives transformed and they just say “ the courses are saving lives and families, it’s an honour to be part of this”.

Please contact us to see how we can help you launch these courses in your church to impact your community.

Drummond & Lindah