An absolute blessing and privilege. Wonderful to get away and connect with new people in a beautiful and peaceful new place. The time for each aspect (exercise, meals, teaching and rest) has been well balanced. Out of millions of Zimbabweans God chose us to be here – Wow! It has brought clarity and revelation regarding balance – restored hope and renewed confidence. I feel privileged and well equipped.
It was an absolute life changing experience – words fall short of describing how it impacted my life, I will definitely never be the same, and that I mean in a very good way!
For the first time in my life, it literally felt that blessings were chasing and overtaking me, I felt overwhelmed at times – even now, happy tears well up in my eyes.
Today marks a new season in my life – I woke up early and chose lemon juice and water instead of coffee, then it was cereal for breakfast with all sorts of interesting additions to it, e.g. raisins, oats and ground flax seed… refreshing start to the day!