In September 2016 we were finally able to release a vision that God had given us some years before.

We have become increasingly aware of the immense pressures and stress in the lives of church leaders. Many leaders are experiencing “burn out”, illness, marital and family breakdown and surveys reveal that in the U.S.A thousands of pastors are leaving the ministry every year.

We held 3 of these week-long retreats from Monday to Friday this year attended by over 50 leadership/pastoral people. What is amazing is that these people have leadership influence over more than 30,000 people, enough to change and transform this nation.

Here are some statements they made on arrival:

  • arrived exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out and tired

These are some testimonies when they returned home on Friday:

  • came away refreshed, renewed and with new hope.
  • Impactful, grown spiritually
  • very informative, life-changing
  • Every pastor/leader should attend this life-changing retreat.

We were able to sponsor many of the peoples who could not afford to attend the week away and your investment has enabled us to make a significant impact and encouragement into their lives. People came form all over South Africa and in fact two ladies came from as far away as ZImbabwe to attend the leadership retreat.

March 2017

May 2017

September 2017



It has been an honour and privilege to work together with Drs Trevor and Marian Griffiths  who started the Emotional Logic Centre in England. For the last 14 months we have been working with them to develop our Emotional Wellness course.
We presented the Emotional Wellness  course to 14 of their leaders involved in the Emotional Logic ministry in England. They have input into hundreds of schools around the nation. They were very inspired as to how they could apply principles in our Kingdom Wellness and Emotional Wellness programs. Trevor in fact travelled to Kenya where he met up with Julius and Benjaline Akeng’a and by God’s favour have been granted permission to train wardens in the Emotional Wellness course. The first 40 wardens have been trained using Skype and the Emotional Wellness manual. We are excited about the doors that God is opening as we partner together in the future.

Trevor and Marian Griffiths

England 2017

During July we ran an equipping retreat for the Maidstone church in England. It was a privilege to take a leadership team consisting of 6 couples through the weekend retreat consisting of Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness and Emotional Wellness. God used the program to bring significant restoration and encouragement town their lives.

Upcoming Retreat Dates: