In this book, author Drummond Robinson takes us on a journey to discover a way of life that could change the world as we know it.

Designed for personal study and ideal for mens’ groups, Men of Honor can inspire the men in your community to develop leadership and strengthen marriages and families.

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About The Book

The world has become a very self-centered place, where people are out to get whatever they want; if others get hurt on the way, so be it. People who conduct their lives in a way that honors others and contributes to the improvement of the lives of those around us are very rare these days. How should we then live? What are the fundamental things we should embrace that could bring about significant change in the world? What is a man of honor, and how does he operate in today’s world?

In this book, author Drummond Robinson takes us on a journey to discover a way of life that could change the world as we know it. Each chapter ends with a guided section for personal reflection and points for group discussion when done in men’s groups.

Designed for personal study and ideal for mens’ groupsMen of Honor can inspire the men in your community to develop leadership and strengthen marriages and families.

“My life was totally lost and I was in darkness, but I thank the leaders of Men of Honor and also the teachers for bringing these lessons to the prison.”

“I have been very grateful for doing this course as I believe I have set my self on a journey of becoming the man of honor God wants me to be.”

Contents Include:

  • How to move from shame to Honor
  • Raising the Flag of Honor
  • Unleashing the Power of Honor in your daily life
  • Husband of Honor
  • Father of Honor
  • Transforming your world through Honor
  • Unleashing your Destiny & leaving a Legacy of Honor



THE HOUR OF DESTINY – Taking your mountain, changing the world.

In 1992 Drummond and his wife Lindah, responded to God’s call and established Family Transformation International after witnessing the devastation of the breakdown of marriage and family amongst family and friends. Previously Drummond was the CEO of a large national company, actively involved in various Kingdom projects. They knew God had called them to make a difference by imparting Kingdom truths to help heal and enrich people’s lives and families. During their interaction with thousands of people, it became clearly evident that men were not providing the leadership God had designed and destined for them to walk in.

This is evidenced in the corruption in politics and business, moral failure, betrayal and deceit. The result is broken marriages and families, financial stress and instability in the world.

Drummond called out to God for answers. How could the world be changed? How could we reverse the tide of devastation taking place at every level of society?

“For the honor of the regiment and clan.”

Drummond recalls: I met a man, who had been an officer in a Scottish Regiment during World War 2. He told me the amazing story of how their regiment had been commissioned by the commander of the Allied Forces to capture an enemy gun fortress on top of a hill that was blocking the advance of the allied forces and reigning down devastation upon the troops and surrounding area. Their regiment had stormed up the mountain carrying the regiment’s flag to the sound of the bagpipes. Teams were led by men who took the enemy’s bullets so the man behind him could advance a few more meters. So in turn, they gave their lives for the man behind until they reached the top, captured the gun encampment and raised their regiment’s flag. Stunned by this story, I asked him what inspired the men to do this. His reply changed my life: “For the honor of the regiment and clan.

Drummond and Lindah with the Commander of a Maximum Security Prison in Kenya.

These men lived for the cause of bringing ‘honor’ to God, family and nation. I could not stop thinking about this. What kind of world would we live in if men still held the value of honor so highly? What would the impact be on marriage, family, business and even the economy of a country?

Conducting our lives in a way that honors others and contributes to the improvement of the lives of those around us is very rare these days. How then should we live? Is it possible to change the world as we know it and reverse the corruption, moral decay, poverty and suffering we see in this world?

I felt God was saying that the world could be changed “In One Hour,” if every man stood in every hour, for truth, righteousness, justice and godly morals and chose to honor God in every area of their lives, allowing God to control their thoughts, words, attitudes and actions, this world could be dramatically changed. The level of integrity, responsibility and honor found in men, directly correlates to the state of the world we live in today.

Thus was born the theme and heart content of this book.

What is a Man of Honor and how does he operate in today’s world?

What are the characteristics of a man of honor, a husband, father, businessman or politician of honor?

Since the initial book was published, over 20,000 men in every level of society have been transformed by this cause. Thousands of men in the prisons of Kenya, men living in ganglands, businessmen, husbands and fathers have read the book in small groups, we call

Regiments of Honor.” One man’s testimony, who was a prisoner serving a life sentence in Kenya was so profound, that it was filmed and featured on Prime Time News. Watch the extract of the feature below.

Although many books have been written telling inspiring stories of men and women who became ‘heroes’ through the amazing things they did, in this book, Drummond focuses on a unique element in men that can change the lives of those around them and even the course of history. It is something that is not just reserved for a few mighty men of valor although it also requires courage, perseverance, faithfulness and a willingness to serve and even lay down their lives daily, for others. This book is about the life changing commission of God to walk in honor; living by its code as an all consuming value in every relationship.

Each chapter ends with a guided section for personal reflection and points for group discussion when done in men’s groups. It will inspire the men in your church, strengthen marriages and families and raise up strong committed leaders. It is a way of life that could change the world as we know it.

“For me this book and course has helped me in the fact that I can share (confess) with other men what I’m struggling with.
It has also shown me where all my problems have come from as well.
So I have been very grateful for doing this course as I believe I have set my self on a journey of becoming the man of honor God wants me to be.


Men of Honor, Benoni

“My testimony about this book of Men of Honor is that I came to realize that I was lost to a future. My life was totally lost and I was in darkness, but I thank the leaders of Men of Honor and also the teachers for bringing these lessons to the prison. In fact it challenged me a lot. Firstly I came to know that I was foolish when.

I left my family and went to another family. I need my wife and children but I left them and joined another family while I was not good before God and before people. When I learned of his book of Men of Honor I came to know that I could become a Man of Honor, by respecting others in the family, in prison and in many areas.

But first I have to come back to my family so that I can be respected and also there is another thing that I am supposed to do, because I had another friend out of the marriage! I am supposed to break the soul-ties so that I may live a good life with my family. If I do not break those soul-ties I cannot live a good life or have peace in my life.

So, I came to know something that I could do and it’s my duty to change my bad character and become a Man of Honor. I can change my country by showing good believers and teaching others about Man of Honor.”

Julius Muthomi Mzee
Men of Honor, Naivasha Maximum Prison, Kenya

“Starting this course I was not expecting to be challenged in so many ways.
Never mind the different ways of being challenged.
I do not have a problem with alcohol, drugs, anger etc.
I struggle with the addiction to pornography.
This battle that I have been struggling with has been for a good 20 years.
At times it has been even the single most important thing that caused division and unnecessary tension in my marriage.

This mountain has been there far too long and I was the only one climbing it…

Or so I thought.
The word of God says in 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”
To find out that other men struggle or have struggled with the same addiction, motivated me in deciding to overcome this mountain.
To confess your sins brings healing.
Healing in myself, my family and my relationship with God.
It has and still is a difficult road to travel and I had to go ask forgiveness to the women in my life: My wife, my mom and my sister. Even other family members had to be asked for forgiveness.
This book has been an eye opener & challenger on a daily basis.

Little by little, with the grace of God I am taking ground.
Where God leads me, where I place my feet, He will give to me.
See it’s been & still is a process. It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It’s my whole life. I cared so deeply about what other people thought of me and its rubbish. It’s garbage. The greatest thing I’m ever going to hear is at the end of my life is when I hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant.”
That’s what I keep my eyes on. That’s the prize – heavenward



Men of Honor, Benoni

“I want to give you my testimony of what this course has meant for me, as well as the practical changes I am applying because of it.

The course has taught me that the men of honor in our world are all human, but made in His image. We are all fighting the same battle, and we all have hills of our own to conquer.

There are three specific things I have learnt so far for application in my own life:

1. Guard your tongue. This includes all aspects of my life, my work, my family, and my religion.
Whenever I speak now, I ask myself if what I am saying is honouring and building the Kingdom of God on earth, or am I resorting to my old, worldly ways. I have made a point of saying “yes or no”, instead of “I’ll try” or “maybe”. I also try to speak only positively, or not say anything if I cannot find any good in a situation.

2. Watch your actions, especially when you are alone. It’s so easy to act the part when you are between your friends and family, or even amongst strangers. I found that the time I act least like a man of honor, is when I am alone. This is the perfect time to spend time with God, but instead I filled this time with other things like computer games, watching pornography or lusting after women other than my wife. That is not honouring or building God’s kingdom. I am proud to say I am making progress in this area, and I will conquer this mountain with the help of my brothers and my God.

3. Do not forget that you are worthy and without sin in God, through Jesus. Shortly after starting the course, I started feeling guilt and condemnation.
This was because I saw how much I was missing the mark as a husband, father and Christian. It is difficult to walk the path of honor and righteousness with all the baggage the enemy keeps trying to add. Over the last couple of weeks I have overcome this. Jesus died for me, he gave all of himself for me to be cleansed from sin and set apart. I always knew this, but never really believed it until I got a word from a friend one Saturday. I now always remind myself of this when I feel any guilt or condemnation rising. I am now free to be the man that God intended me to be for my wife and children, as well as my brothers in the church. With God as my father, and the holy spirit as my guide and friend, there is no other way to live.”


Men of Honor, Benoni

“At our first meeting, after some casual discussion I was asked why I had decided to attend this seminar. My reply was that I felt I needed some fine tuning in my life and in my marriage.
Well to my surprise I was hit by attacks on all sides, mole hills became mountains, drifts became canyons, and all hell broke loose, and I ran – I literally ran to my farm in the night.

The next morning I went for a long walk in the mountains and I realised what had just happened. Believing I had no more control over my marriage, I realised to run and to avoid my wife was not going to save it and I decided then and there to return home and face the truth and to deal with my situation with the help of God and friends who would help me remain accountable for my actions.
And WOW man!! With group prayer I was uplifted and with the prompting of the Holy Spirit I was led to Scripture and sermons which led me to understand everything and that everything begins with ME!


It is not my responsibility to change others, it’s Gods! I must pray and trust God for the changes, believe it will happen. In one week our marriage turned around, my wife said she could not believe the battle was over, our facial expressions changed and I could see the beauty in her again.
I know this is only the beginning. I know I am to serve my wife and my family. I know I was designed as a man for this purpose and am loving every moment, and can profess it works because it was meant to work by our loving Father.

C. Du Preez

Men of Honor, George

Greetings in Jesus name,
I would like to thank you for sending me the book Men of Honor.
Ive start reading it and it was difficult to put it away,as i read line by line it was as if i stand in front if a mirror.

I repent over and over by just reading it and see myself naked and sinfull by not being a man or pastor of honor. The book helped me to see others,my wife and children as important and special in Gods eyes. Ive start to value them and trust God Almighty to inspire other men to become men of honor too.

The book is a great tool for leaders and preachers because we need to set a example to others and teach them how to live and honor others. It will also help us to obey Gods word and live holy,in honor others we will become vesels if honor.

God bless and keeps you,cant you please send me other study material.

Love in Christ.
Apostle Richard Jaars

My marriage and my life was in ruins. I have believed all the lie the world had thrown at me, I was suffocating under the weight of shame. By Gods grace and his perfect timing. I was introduced to this book by a now amazing friend. Gone is the shame and left in its place the man I was supposed to be. Thank you Drummond, thank you Lord.

Men Of Honor is not only written for men but also for women to fully understand the morals and responsibilities men have in their lives.

Liberate your life and destiny


Designed for personal study and ideal for mens’ groups.

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