How the Partnership Program works

As a partner you will have access to all of our free resources and will be able to choose the products you’d like to download each month. Your free partnership provides you with 3 credits each month which can be used to redeem any of the following:

This is how the credits are valued:
Videos (includes manuals) are 3 credits – valued at R900
eBooks and manuals are 2 credits – valued at R99
eBooklets are 1 credit – valued at R45

Please Note: There is a download button on the product page and in your account page (under contents) where you can download the products directly. If a price is shown, you may ignore it as it does not apply to you.

Should you want to download more products monthly, please consider these voluntary options:

Partnership Level 2
You receive 5 credits per month to download your choice of digital products. There is a partnership subscription of
R99.00 p.m

Partnership Level 3:
You receive 8 credits per month for a subscription of R150 p.m