Dear Friends,
We have been working on this new course for many months now. The Leaders manual and work manual are complete and we have in fact completed the first 3 video sessions out of a total of 9 sessions.
It is a new online course to help people:
  • Attain mental & emotional wellbeing especially after the Covid crisis.
  • Develop a balanced healthy & energised lifestyle.
  • Enhance relational harmony & unity in family & workplace.
  • Develop their Leadership skills & empower Team Building Dynamics.
​The course is designed to help people create momentum for meaningful change to achieve success and fulfillment in life.
We will launch the course on our new educational platform in the middle of December where people are able to download free PDF work manuals and view the sessions one by one and do the interactive modules that help them apply meaningful change and direction to their lives. They receive a certificate on successful completion.
Check out the promo below.