Partner Ministries

There are various Family Transformation Centres who partner with us around the nations
that present our courses, resources and offer counselling.

Currently, these are the Family Centres that we partner with:

Partner Ministries


Agape Family Transformation Centre - Bloemfontein
Johan & Julie van Reenen

051 522 5088

CARMEL - BRISTOL (United Kingdom)
Ps. David & Helen Owens

EL Shaddai - Durbanville
021 975 1983

Drs Trevor and Marian Griffiths
+44 (0)7859 045415    +44 (0)1752 892455

Family Transformation - East Africa (Kenya)
Ps. Julius and Benjaline Akengá

+254 20 232 1258/9
f: +254 20 232 1260

Family Transformation Center - George
Ps. Jamie and Fransie Lubbe

044 873 0133
info@ftcgeorge.co.za (Marlize Botha)

Family Centre, Harvest Christian Church - Port Elizabeth
041 581 3032 Sally

Gelvandale/Helenvale - Port Elizabeth
Mervyn & Barbara Buezacht

041 457 3074
082 647 9631

There are other churches that run some of our courses. For a full list of these churches that partner with us in this ministry please contact us.

Family Transformation


Hope Restoration Ministries – Kempton Park
Solomon Matumba
011 976 0600

In Christs Footsteps - Pretoria
Zelna & Hendre Botes
012 991 5051
f: 012 991 5052

Shekinah House (Letaba Christian Church) - Tzaneen
Ps. Bryan & Diane Varrie
015 307 4729
f: 015 307 4729

Family Transformation Gauteng 

Dirk & Kathryn Luus.



Dirk 0833245079

Kathryn 0829272839

Zoe Family Church - Delft
Ps. Charles and Dee George
021 955 2990
f: 021-955 3353




Our Centres

Drummond and Lindah have a vision to help local churches establish Family Transformation Centres in their communities. The family centre will be a department of the local church and the vision includes the following:


  • Prepare couples for marriage
  • Equip couples to have a better marriage
  • Help people become better parents
  • Strengthen and bless families
  • Minister to families in crisis e.g.
    – Coping with divorce
    – Grieving through the loss of someone
    – Crisis in pregnancy (even if this is initially a point of referral)
  • Raise up and release leadership
  • Build up the local church


This will be achieved by offering:

  • Holy Spirit anointed seminars (giving practical instruction on how to understand and apply biblical principles to their lives)
  • Family life support / cell groups
  • Resources. Targeted books, tapes, DVD’s
  • Individual, as well as couples counseling


The first Family Transformation Centre was started alongside Harvest Christian Church in Port Elizabeth and since 1997 over 10 000 people have attended seminars and received ministry. The interesting fact is that over 80% were not from the local church; that is, they were drawn from the general community.

The fact that 80% of families are in crisis and need desperate help is something that we as churches need to address. We believe that the Family Transformation Centre is a God solution to help bridge the gap between the community and the local church. People with family related needs will not normally come to the local church for help.

Family Transformation Centres can provide the door for them to find help and to be channelled into the local church.

Dearest Drummond and Lindah

Mercy mercy mercy is the answer to our “Judgmental attitude”. The sacrifice of the cross and the mercy that flowed from it has become our solution! The beauty of the pomegranate fruit is an expression of the shining and eternal deliverance brought to us. Mercy the ingredient that makes all things possible by applying it to all our personal experience and by forgiving our enemies! Sending out the Spirit of Mercy forgiving them and releasing oneself from the bondage and curse caused by hurt and disappointment both parties are set free!

On arriving home I showed Basil the books I had purchased and Basil started reading The Two Kingdoms.  When we awoke the following morning he said to me “This is the answer” I asked him how are we going to change from Judgement and Criticism to Mercy and Honour he clicked his figure and said just like that?! Well the day after I heard your message it was as simple as that, once you send them into the river of Mercy it is over!! Hallelujah! Our King is faithful and true and whatever He says, He will do! A lot happens over the period of 30 years and yet as we yield to the Holy Spirit to reveal who is next, mercy is released! Amazing too amazing!!

I agree with Drummond that he has never met anyone as committed and with such passion as you! You are a reflection of my hearts desire. I have seen in you the longing of my heart become fleshed out! And that has been most encouraging. You are both such an amazing couple! The anointing that flows from you during your teaching sessions is tangible and delightful!! That is what will heal the broken and confused hearts! Showing the Mercy shown to us will heal the Nations of their pain tears and fears!

Fond regards,

Basil and Reinette Kellar

Basil and Reinette Kellar

Two Kingdoms, Port Elizabeth

I just finished reading your book “Living in the Rivers of Mercy.” Wow! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from heart! For the first time in 50 years, I have released my parents and my sister into the river of mercy. Thank you for your message of freedom through forgiveness and through being a channel of His mercy to others. May God richly bless your ministry!


Living in God's River of Mercy, U.S.A.

I want to honor the Family Transformation Centre and all its leaders and role players. You guys are doing incredible work in and around the City and our country! Families and lives are changed permanently, set free and released to fulfill their destinies and live lives that honor our Lord Jesus Christ! God truly smiles upon all of you! A heartfelt thank you!

Dr Marieke Roux

Family Transformation Centre, P.E., Port Elizabeth

This ministry brings life and hope to so many – very excited about “The Promise”. Can’t wait to facilitate it here in East London.

Debbie Boardman

The Promise, East London, RSA


The program was introduced in the Kenya prisons in the year 2010 and since then it has had a high impact in the personal lives of both inmates and members of staff.
A good number have received Jesus Christ as their personal savior, the inmates who have undergone the program have been able to reconcile with those they offended, this has had a real transformation in their lives.
Those who have undergone the program, have developed a positive attitude towards life, this has helped a lot in the rehabilitation of the said inmates and others.
Many marriages that were collapsing have been saved, when Christian values are embraced in their day today lives, especially members of staff.
The inmates who have undertaken the program have high sense of self esteem through self acceptance and realizing that imprisonment is not the end of life. Attached is a list of the number of inmates and staff who have undertaken the program.

R.N Moturi, MBS - Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, Kenya

Men of honour / Woman of Peace, Kenya