Positioned for Blessing is a Seminar we wrote almost 20 years ago to set people free from bondage, shame, pain and wounded hearts. It brings people into salvation and then positions them as “sons and daughters” of God to walk in Mercy and Honour and release blessing into their lives, marriages, families and communities.
We updated the videos and are so encouraged to see how peoples lives form every walk of life, in various communities and cultures around the world have been touched and transformed through this resource that God has entrusted to us.

Here are some of the latest reports from this year.

New Zealand
PFB was recently launched in Manifest Love Church in Frankton by pastor Liz Toanikere-Jensen.
Their first course was attended by 25 people and their next course due end October is booked out. Liz has shared some amazing testimonies of how peoples lives have been transformed.


Nwamitwa Mbhekwani…..a village outside Tzaneen Limpopo SA
Pastors Noel & Ntshuxekani Baloyi received training at a mission station called Hillside Training Center led by Chris & Alta Tromp. They relate to and were trained at Shekina House Church in Tzaneen pastored by Bryan & Dianne Varrie who have been faithfully running our courses for about 20 years. It is so interesting to see the multiplication and Harvest as seeds have been sown.

Well pastor Noel had an amazing response to the course which has now been presented a few times resulting in significant transformation in the lives of people and church growth.

They have had to erect a new shelter for the children’s church which will also be used as a Family Transformation Counselling center during the week.

They in turn travelled to Soweto outside Johannesburg to launch PFB and we are trusting for further multiplication in that community.

Pics of some of the different groups and people going through the River of Mercy at the end of the course.

This is in fact our “Home” church founded by my brother Ron & his wife Ann.
So we are so excited that the current senior pastors Paul & Milaine Dennison have released Matt & Lauren Grey to launch PFB and oversee this ministry.
Lindah and I went there in April to train up a group of leaders and they have now run their own groups.

Harvest Christian Church in Port Elizabeth.
The Family Center led by Grant Walters continues to run PFB courses organized and hosted by Sally, Melissa, Clive and the team.
They also run a course at Vistarus which is a mission center for the homeless.

Well done to this team for their sacrificial efforts to see these people given hope and tools to change their lives.

Jacobs Well Church in Schauderville Port Elizabeth pastored by Marlon & Suraye Haremse continues to run all our courses and are experiencing supernatural transformation and growth in this gang dominated area as even gang leaders give their lives to the Lord and the community is being transformed.

These are just some of the recent PFB courses providing a life transforming opportunity for people to change their lives, marriages and families.

Thank you Lord.
Drummond & Lindah 🙏🙏

Some recent testimonies
Tremendous experience and I’m grateful to God for drawing me to this experience. I am free. I have been set free from the bondage of shame.

I realised how important it is to give ones life to God entirely and that ones past is forgiven when ask for forgiveness.

I am grateful for the love and prayers.

The Course has brought light into my life, my spiritual eyes and ears are open. I learned to guard my thoughts and keep walking in the River of Mercy. I am free. The burden has been lifted. I honour God.

Residual anger removed
Healed from past hurts
Understanding of being Positioned in Blessing

Set free from things that bound me and learned, got a much better understanding of how blessing flows especially in family. So it changed my way how to act towards my son which I kind of adopted.

Just knowing, I am loved and accepted unconditionally, brings a lot of freedom, that my past doesn’t have hold of me and hold me back.

Revealed areas where shame has entered. Dealt with orphan spirit. Released and forgave people who wronged me and I forgave myself.

To see where root of shame, rejection and lust entered and to repent of it, turn away and be able to walk under God’s blessing now.

To be free from curses that were on my life and being able now to enter into marriage being free from strongholds / soul ties.

Helped with unforgiveness.