Digital Starter Packs

The following video courses are now available for you to download and view in the comfort of your own home or use for small groups. Once downloaded the video will be available on your laptop.

Your initial download will include a Starter Pack of the Course.
IE: A Video, 1 Digital Participant Manual + 1 Digital Facilitator manual where applicable.

Should you wish to use the videos in a small group setting, please print a participant manual for each person as it is best to use a manual while watching the videos.

NB: We are making the digital copy free to download, and ask that you respect our Copyright. Please partner with us and share the products with others.

Benefits of using the digital download is:
• Reduced cost
• Instant viewing wherever you are in the world
• PDF manuals available to you
• Save on postage/courier costs

You can still contact us at +27 (41) 581 8442 or email info@familytransformation.org for any queries you may have.

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