6 Steps to a Joy-Filled Marriage

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6 sessions of 10 min each with great insights to inspire romance & intimacy in your marriage.


  1. How to deal with the Loss Cycles we experience during lockdown:
    EG loss of connection, security, freedom, job and finance and the whirlpools of emotional responses like Shock, Denial, Anger, Guilt, Depression, Fear and Anxiety…
    We discuss how to turn your loss cycle into a Gain cycle to help understand what’s going on and how to better connect with one another.
  2. Mercy vs Judgement. Intimacy begins with trust & vulnerability.
  3. Using Words to Build Connection, Intimacy and a House for Gods Presence.
  4. Kindness…drawing one another with kindness an expression of Gods love & Mercy.
  5. Celebrating Differences.. bring forth a beautiful Song of Joy
  6. LIVING OUT THE JOY-FILLED DREAM Keys to sparking Romance & delight in your marriage.

2 reviews for 6 Steps to a Joy-Filled Marriage

  1. Alan & Carien Ogilvie

    Dear Drummond and Lindah, thx u so much from all of our KCC people and our regions pastors for the free marriage during lockdown videos that you made available to us. From the bottom of our hearts, thx u so much. You have greatly conttibuted to marriages in a very unique way during this time & we are eternally thankful. May God Himself, Who sees in secret, openly bless and reward you, your marriage and ministry. We love and bless you guys in Jesus Name. Lovely weekend to you guys. Blessings Alan & Carien Ogilvie

  2. Vic & Kim Turpaud

    Drummond and Lindah’s teachings on relationships, whether marriage, family or any relationships, are insightful and practical. Their teaching style is warm and inviting. They share personal examples and stories which bring clarity and make application easy. They draw from their deep understand of the heart of God and his love for us. They communicate with passion and contagious joy which can bring hope back to whatever situation you are facing. We encourage you to listen and transform your relationships!
    Vic & Kim Turpaud USA

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