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3 reviews for Men Of Honor – Book

  1. Eugene

    I was in a dark place when I was introduced to the idea of being a “Man of honor”. Being a new father and coming from a voilent child hood and lifestyle made me fearful that I would transfer this vicious cycle to my boy.
    Men of honor taught me how to focus on God first and the rest will fall in place. For the first time in my life my eys opened and I was able to live honourably. I thank God for this guidance and for the lessons learned from this book and making a difference in my life.
    My family life has improved drastically and now I have the “Armour” to face my fears like a father and husband is supposed to in the eyes of God.

  2. Pierre – Church of the Way, Benoni

    This Men of Honor course has changed my life! It has made me realise that men are all fighting the same battle and we all have our own hills to climb. We are all human – but made in His image. I am aware now to guard my tongue, watch my actions and to never forget that I am worthy and without sin in God, through Jesus. I am now free to be the man that God intended me to be for my wife, children and brothers. With God as my father and the Holy Spirit as my guide and friend – There is no other way to live, but being a Man of Honor.

  3. Darryl – Church of the Way, Benoni

    This book and course has helped me as I can share (confess) with other men what I’m struggling with. It has also shown me where all my problems have come from as well. So I have been very grateful for doing this course as I believe I have set myself on a journey of becoming the man of honor God wants me to be…

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