Positioned For Blessing – Participant Manual (Eng/Xho) (PDF)

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11 reviews for Positioned For Blessing – Participant Manual (Eng/Xho) (PDF)

  1. Timothy

    This course has uprooted strongholds in my life, some I had forgotten about and some I never knew were of the enemy. I was shown how easily we can have an orphan spirit and how iniquities and blessing are passed down. I go forth with the desire to honour family, friends and children of God and to bless them through my mercy, grace and encouragement and tolove as God loves us – to allow the river of mercy to go before me and to flow from me and through me. God removed the plug of sin and soul ties so that I may go forth to love my partner and enter marriage free from bondage.

  2. Madeleine –

    This course has change my life in a big way, so many uncertainties dealt with, so much freedom in Christ, so much surrender to the Holy Spirit, so many confirmations and so much healing. Thank you Jesus. (a double blessing that I could come with my hubby!!)

  3. Bianca – Vistarus

    This course has showed me through the Spirit what my actual stronghold is. The River of Mercy also unveiled some people I had to forgive, things I’ve forgotten and done things to me in the past. I’ve made peace with them. Now I know through God’s help I’ll be able to handle situations better as I understand where it all started. Thank you!

  4. Leeroy – Vistarus

    This course has made a big difference in my life where the Lord has talked to me and I have forgiven the people that hurt me in the past and broken every stronghold. Before this class I was full of anger and hate. When we were at the River of Mercy, I forgave all the people. I am full of joy… Thank you Lord for what you have done for me on this course. Amen

  5. Llewellyn

    It feels like a mountain has been removed from my shoulders! Praise Jesus! I’ve been set free from my anger, occult practices (father and grandfather), rejection issues, hatred. Thank you SO much!!

  6. Wilna

    Positioned for Blessing Course – has enlightened my ways forward of how to speak words of encouragement (continuous encouragement) into the lives of my children and to not speak words that could impart possible shame. To also trust in the Lords ways in our lives.

  7. Michael G

    This Course has given me Guidelines how to bless my family members, how to forgive and pray mercy over others

  8. Crystal-Rose

    God has enabled me to forgive those who have hurt me and to forgive myself of the sins that I have committed. I was not only able to cleanse my soul and spirit through Jesus Christ my Saviour, but I was also able to send God’s Mercy through to the people who willingly / unwillingly affected my life negatively / or positively. I was broken and felt no direction in my life, but ever since Jesus came into my life I feel confident in know God has a plan for me, that He loves me, that He has healed and restored me.. spirit and soul.

  9. Jean – Gateway Christian Fellowship, East London

    I realised I was not positioned in honor. I never honoured my parents. I was not flowing in love and mercy. But Praise God! HE met me in every session during the course and ministered to me. The group sessions were great and the leaders were Holy Spirit led. The Mercy River was the hi-light for me.

  10. Nsovo -Shekinah House, Tzaneen

    This course has exposed strongholds that I’d been oblivious to. It helped me to identify areas in my life that have brought about curses and pain. Has helped free me from lies I’ve believed -and where I needed forgiveness, to repent and rid myself of the legal rights I’d knowingly and unknowingly afforded to Satan.

  11. Joseph – Shekinah House, Tzaneen

    It has revealed to me and further established my understanding of the way God and blessing work. Revealed many godly principles to me. Given me the insight to shame in my life and allowed me the opportunity to release that shame and repent, ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

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