Positioned For Blessing Starter Pack

(5 customer reviews)


Positioned for Blessing Starter Pack includes

  • USB Memory Stick
  • 1 x Participant Manual
  • 1 x Facilitator Manual


5 reviews for Positioned For Blessing Starter Pack

  1. I was able to identify when I developed an orphan spirit and thinking and walked out of SHAME. It helped me forgive key people and walk in Godly authority over my children again. Seeing people set free in my group has stirred and encouraged my faith!

  2. .

    Eye Opener – cut the chains of the past…I feel so much lighter now we can grow.

  3. ..

    I’ve not only found the root of my unhappiness, but during the River of Mercy a face appeared that I didn’t even know I have been judging. The most important thing was the Lord’s confirmation of the purpose He has for me since I have been arguing against it for months now.

  4. Crystal-Rose

    God has enabled me to forgive those who have hurt me and to forgive myself of the sins that I have committed. I was not only able to cleanse my soul and spirit through Jesus Christ my Saviour, but I was also able to send God’s Mercy through to the people who willingly/unwillingly affected my life negatively/or positively. I was broken and felt no direction in my life, but ever since Jesus came into my life, I feel confident in knowing God has a plan for me, that He loves me, that He has healed and restored me…spirit and soul

  5. Brandon

    This course has helped me to forgive those who have cursed me. It has allowed the Holy Spirit to enter me even more and my love for Jesus Christ to grow so much that is has made it easy for me to want to follow Him, breaking the iniquities and strongholds – Lust, Anger, Rejection, Addiction, Clouded mind, racism and just putting God first and not worrying about earthly things and fear. I now seek Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom first, and then everything else second and not the other way around.

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