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The wedding is one day… but marriage is for a lifetime!

We’d love to equip you with the tools, to achieve the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about having together. Tap into some of the secrets that have helped hundreds of other couples just like you, enjoy their “happily ever after”.

Download the course and watch together in the comfort of your own home, or join a group and do it together. You’ll find some great talking points to make sure you have a chance to engage with each other and talk through matters with the perspective of God’s wisdom to guide you.

This course is based upon the greatest “love story” of all time … the Bible. We’ve poured our hearts & soul in these short sessions, with Gods principles to enrich & empower you on your journey together.

Some background & vision

This is the New Launch of Together Forever. The original course has been running for almost 20 years and has touched the lives of thousands of couples.

This new video presentation has an exciting new look, new presenters and fresh content to prepare couples for marriage in this ever changing and volatile world.

God’s heart is to bless and empower marriages as every marriage births a new family unit which are vital as they are the essential structure of society. Families are designed by God to be a blessing to our communities and nations and to raise up children in a loving environment, into their destiny and purpose.

The inspiration and our desire with this course is to see engaged couples adequately equipped for marriage so that the blessing they receive will empower and equip them to testify of Gods abundant life and goodness.

We hope you enjoy working through the course together and pray God’s abundant blessing on you.



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