Together Forever – Participant Manual (PDF)

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The wedding is one day… but marriage is for a lifetime!  We’d love to equip you with the tools, to achieve the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about having together. Tap into some of the secrets that have helped hundreds of other couples just like you, enjoy their “happily ever after”.

Please note that a downloadable PDF version is now available. To get the full benefit of this course, please order the Starter Pack with the USB, together with this manual. Alternatively, see our On-Line Academy for streaming options.


6 reviews for Together Forever – Participant Manual (PDF)

  1. Richard & Marushka

    Thank you for a truly blessed time had on this course receiving the knowledge we so needed for the purpose and plans God has for us. We have lived this past time in God’s order and it has been the best time of our relationship with all the fruits that go with it…and Tomorrow we stand before God and each other having truly honored God and each other…and that feels so wonderful.. Perfect as intended! With God’s help and as the center of our marriage we will walk 1 day at a time living in the present in his presence. Thank you

  2. Grace & Josua

    Some of our now most valued analogies and tools were picked up from this seminar. This course is kind of like your final pep talk before you and your partner run onto the field of life as a married unit, as one flesh before God. That pre-game pep talk is the stuff that gives you the courage to run on to the field. It gives you valuable tools for overcoming obstacles and resolving conflict and weaknesses in your game plan and how to fix them. Once you and your partner are convinced that you should be married, you enter into covenant with each other in marriage with God as the third party. This course was so incredible.

  3. Jani & JO

    This course helped prepare a sound and solid foundation that we could build upon. We appreciated the practical advise and wisdom that was shared. Through this course, Godly principles were established in our marriage. We are grateful that we could do this course, which prepares us for one of the most important and amazing journeys in life!!

  4. Lesley and Craig

    After 10 years of dating, we surprisingly learnt more about each other and became more conscious of our feelings and needs entering into the next phase of commitment to each other. It was refreshing to hear him sharing stories about our relationship and comforting to know with God at the centre, -we are a really solid team!

  5. Tegan

    Together Forever had good points of discussion that were necessary for engaged couples to go through together before getting married. It was special to learn of the Jewish customs and traditions from where certain wedding rituals stem. This course helped both my finance and I to learn more about each other as well as ourselves which enabled our relationship to grow even stronger.

  6. Clayton & Marieke

    This Together Forever Course, is truly a must do for all couples before they get married. It is not only a safe setting to explore topics that may be difficult but necessary to approach, but the foundation built for your future marriage is also crucial, as it provides principles and info based on God’s way of loving and treating each other.

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