Woman Of Peace – Participant Manual (Eng/Afr) (PDF)

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Is Your Life in “PEACE” or in “PIECES”?
The world is desperately crying out for peace. I believe that the Spirit of God is raising up a company of women whose peace will not depend on outward circumstances but on a deep love relationship with their God. From this source, will flow a river of life and peace that will saturate their lives and flow over and have an impact on all around them.


5 reviews for Woman Of Peace – Participant Manual (Eng/Afr) (PDF)

  1. Elsie – Sunridge WOP

    Although I did this Woman of Peace course over 10 years ago, it took me back-to-the-basics again. Good to hear things that you’ve heard before again -to be refreshed on my journey with the Lord. As woman we always have the same issues – good to be taught by Lindah how to take everything to God.

  2. Elizna – Sunridge WOP

    Woman of Peace – has changed the way I think and react is situations where I often felt “I am losing peace in the chaos”. It taught me to trust in God’s goodness and that He is always in control.

  3. Marlie – Sunridge WOP

    This course opened my eyes to the deeper meaning of Song of Songs & has allowed me to glimpse true love…more and more, day by day God has shown me HE is control and the only way to peace in this world of chaos – is at his feet, in his arms. I am truly loved!! I have been constantly reminded of how God sees me -of who I am and what I look like through Jesus’ eyes, brings contentment and thankfulness – for being a woman – that submission in Him is a holy thing -one that comes with such explainable freedom.

  4. Zelda – Sunridge WOP

    The Woman of Peace course impacted and changed me – I am at peace – in His Peace and Rest. I have learned to turn to Him in everything. Not to live in fear and to see things through His eyes and not to be overwhelmed by anything! Daily filled with the Holy Spirit

  5. Faith

    Woman of Peace – has removed me from a place of fear to a place of total confidence and total peace. God bless you people for such a wonderful vision.

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