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We touch on the truths of the Feasts of Israel that foreshadow this event. It was at the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine and the master of the ceremonies declared, “You have saved the best till now.” It prophetically points to Jesus returning for His Bride and the new wine that would be released through this relationship. This serves as our inspiration for this seminar.

The whole heart of a wedding is the Covenant vows or promises that are made between the bride and groom. The Bible is a love story and the restoration of the intimate relationship between God and His people. God restores this through our relationship with Jesus Christ who is the Bridegroom and we, the church, His bride. We have been given The Holy Spirit to prepare and help us to fulfill this awesome mandate. The blood shed at the cross is the “Bride Price” and what enables us, as an idolatrous bride, to be restored and then to be married to resurrection life in Christ. When we receive this new wine, we live empowered by The Holy Spirit instead of living in our own strength. The cup of our lives then overflows and we live victorious, super-“natural” lives that demonstrate and brings forth His Kingdom, impacting not only our lives but those around us.


  • Allow The Winemaker to change the water to wine in your life.
  • Let your life be a cup that overflows with the new wine of His Presence.
  • Dare to believe His promises and release God’s Covenant blessings.
  • Enter in to a love relationship that will empower, energise and equip you to live a victorious life.
  • Become part of an end time move that will shatter yokes of bondage, shift strongholds and break open new ground.

This presentation is interactive and accompanied by an easy to follow workbook that can be used individually and in group settings. Ideal for ladies’ gatherings, camps and home groups.



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