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Posted by Family Transformation International on Monday, March 23, 2020

Video Course Download Voucher: marchvideo856  |  Ebook Voucher: marchbook856
NB: Please choose EBook version when purchasing the ebook.
Voucher is valid until 31st March 2020. A new one will be issued in April.


Dear Friends,

Our hearts go out to all people and families who have been compelled to go into lockdown and confinement to avoid social contact during this critical phase of this pandemic.

We have sought the Lord as to WHAT WE CAN DO AS A MINISTRY.

People are going into confinement and there is only so much TV news – often very depressing – that one can watch.

We have over 60 hours of inspiring videos courses, that can bring hope and encouragement. The video courses also give Godly principles to help people grow in their personal lives, marriages and families.  We also have numerous books that can help and inspire people.

The video courses are normally used by churches – to equip people in a group setting -however, due to Covid-19 – people cannot assemble in groups – So, we have decided to open our website so that any of our digital resources can be downloaded free and watched in your own home. This will include the video, manual and even a facilitators manual where applicable, and will also include our e-books.


  • Each person should choose ONE VIDEO Course and ONE BOOK from our resource library that they feel will help them.
  • We will release a new video and book offer in April & May – which means that you have the option to download another 2 resources over the 3-month period.


  • You could choose Woman of Peace or one of the other courses for woman.
  • You may rather choose one of our marriage courses – Anointed Marriage or Ignite your Marriage.
  • If someone is preparing for marriage and can’t go to preparation classes, they may want to download our marriage preparation course, called Together Forever
  • Positioned for Blessing which helps people to be set free from bondages, fear, rejection and find peace and healing in their lives and family.
  • Then you may also choose any one of the e-books.
  • NB – Should you prefer a hard copy, in the form of a USB stick or printed manual, you can still order these at our normal prices from our website.

Please feel free to pass this offer on to other people you feel may benefit from these resources.


  • Please visit our website: familytransformation.org
  • Register with your name and email to open an account. (Don’t worry, there is no payment).
  • Browse through the various video courses and E-Books and choose one from each section,
  • Video Course Download Voucher: marchvideo856
    Ebook Voucher: marchbook856
  • Click on my account at top of page and download your resources.

SUPPORT – if you need any support please email us at:accounts@familytransformation.org OR mail@drumrobinson.net

Or Tel country code (27) 41-5818442.  (8:00 am to 13:00pm Mon to Fri)

Let’s use this global challenge to sow some LOVE & KINDNESS around the world.

We can either get bitter or get better.  Let’s turn this affliction into an opportunity for us to grow closer, build hope, encourage, inspire and change the world.

With Love & Blessings from our hearts to yours,

Drummond & Lindah Robinson

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