Courses and Resources

There are various resources that we would recommend to help and empower you on your journey.


Food glorious food… yes, never mind “back to the garden” …it’s usually “back to the supermarket” or the “takeout”. Seriously, how many hours of the day do we spend thinking about what to eat, buying the food, preparing it, eating it and then finally cleaning up the aftermath only to begin the cycle again! Eating is one of the fundamentals of our very existence and we can easily get bogged down in all the theories and opinions that are out there, so let’s begin with our Creator’s handbook and see what His original intent and plan was.


Rather than blaming others, the world, or fate for their distress, healthy individuals accept a good deal of responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. They realise that they can control their thoughts and connected to that – their feelings and behaviour. It moves you from having a victim mentality to an empowered adult – someone who is able to think and act. It also means having an internal locus control versus an external locus of control. What this means is that instead of feeling that you are controlled by external factors in your environment, you take responsibility and realize you have control. You may not be able to choose everything that happens to you but you can choose how to react and what to do about it.


Honouring God in your physical life is just as much a part of your spiritual worship as attending church on a Sunday.
Some people pay no time and attention in this area, as it is not a high value whilst others spend so much time focussing on exercise that they violate time with family and even God.
Our values here will influence our choices regarding: eating preferences, exercise routines and rest.