Harvest Church 5-7 Nov 2020

  • It has identified strongholds and heart wounds and shown me how to receive mercy so that I can release it to others.
  • It helped me to think about certain areas in my life and overcome problems regarding addiction and feelings of depression
  • The teaching of Mercy (River of Mercy) has been a revelation of the spiritual force available from the throne room to empower us to keep our hearts pure and focused on the love of the father and the power of the cross. This has provided me with the spiritual tools to deal with hurts and disappointments in my life PTL.
  • Set me free from my strongholds in my life. Opened the channel for grace and mercy. I was blocked from receiving these gifts. It has changed the destiny of my family, repositioned us for blessing.
  • PFB course really helped me to let go of things that have blocked mercy from flowing i n my life to me and to others. I can now walk in freedom and apply the amazing principles to my life going forward