Positioned for Blessing Course – Harvest/Visturus

  • This course made me a born again Christian. I feel like I have been lifted out from the dust into life with my Heavenly Dad and I can speak to Him when I like. (Andries R.)
  • This course has truly changed and transformed one's thinking from dark/grey to light. The Lord God has blessed Drummond and Lindah Robinson to help families and individuals to experience God's love and claim the inheritance that God has for his Sons and Daughters. Thank you all, and Praise God, our Father even the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. (Grant E.)
  • This course opened my heart and broke down walls that were formed. Was washed and cleaned by the blood of Jesus and showing me how to be more Christian like to others and blessing them (Anton H.)
  • Weight  under the bondage of my past has been lifted! It has been a total eye opener. If I had known this years ago, my life would have been different, but God has shown me Grace and Mercy. (Isabel P)
  • It has brought a huge change in my choices that I make in my life. I am trying to live in my Holy Fathers ways and want to spread His Word (Jeandrea D.)
  • I have been freed and been brought before my Father and given my life to the Lord.(Neil)
  • I have learnt to be a better person to people and have learned a lot more about God (Tracey-Lee)