From my perspective, The Promise DVD Course worked well for a Ladies Retreat format as the Sessions were divided into  manageable sized time slots which allowed time for activities to be built in before or after the particular DVD Session.  

We chose to start on Friday evening at 7pm with Session 1 where there was an impartation from the Holy Spirit through Lindah to the ladies who received a taste and introduction into being a vessel, and to quote one lady it made her “hunger after what was to come”.  

Saturday morning flowed well with Session 2 and 3 with a tea & leg break in between which gave ladies the opportunity to  choose between personal reflection time or group reflection.

The climax of the day was Session 3 where the practical activity of moulding clay was so effective – we were able to understand what we are like in God’s hands.. We just need to yield to Him and obey His Word.  He is the Potter and we are the clay. The Holy Communion was very healing, as we were reminded once again what the Lord Jesus did on the Cross to redeem us and pick up the broken pieces of our lives and put them together again, creating something more beautiful that reflects HIS goodness and HIS glory. 

This flowed into lunch and free time for the afternoon.  This works well but could also be easily adapted in the day to suit the camp.

The teachings received throughout the week-end, were solid and sound, reminding us of once taught truths, opening our eyes to new truths and touching the very depths of ladies hearts. We loved learning about the wedding ceremony and how we, His bride, are to prepare ourselves for the coming of our Groom! To trust and wait expectantly and do so actively.

I found that ladies were ministered to in their seats and the Holy Spirit’s manifest Presence was tangible – our Faithful Father in it all – even through a projected screen!!  The testimonies received bear witness to healing, restoration, acknowledgement of brokenness and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit – the New Wine !!

One of the highlights of The Promise were the testimonies which were perfectly slotted into the Sunday morning – allowing time for personal testimonies from the weekend which was an inspiration to many and the ladies were able to leave the camp with the week-end lingering vividly in their hearts.

I highly recommend The Promise to anyone planning a weekend away with ladies.  The week-end away together bonded the ladies as well as the time of fun, food and fellowship which created an atmosphere of friendship by being available to others.


The Promise weekend – 2016, Port Elizabeth