The PRomise

In this seminar THE PROMISE, we predominantly look at the prophetic significance of how the ministry of Jesus was launched at the wedding feast of Cana and how this affects our lives today.


It was at the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned the water
into wine and the master of the ceremonies declared, “You have
saved the best till now.” It prophetically points to Jesus returning
for His Bride and the new wine that would be released through
this relationship.

This serves as our inspiration for this seminar.


  • Session 1 – A Vessel Of Destiny
  • Session 2 – Covenant Promises: The Best Wine
  • Session 3 – Becoming The Vessel
  • Session 4 – The Cups
  • Session 4A – The Cup Of Inheritance
  • Session 4B – The Cup Of Restoration
  • Session 4C – The Cup Of Hope

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