There are two kingdoms, each with it’s own system of principles and authority that can govern our lives. The one offers hope and blessing, the other despair and destruction. Which one are you choosing?


The course is presented through Word based teaching in a unique way incorporating many creative learning tools including group work led by facilitators and allocated times for the individual to seek and hear from God. Practical learning tools have been incorporated into the course, e.g. a puzzle and a treasure chest to help the ladies.

Many of the sessions have been filmed out in nature, on the beach in the mountains etc. and adds a lot of creativity and interest to this course.


The Missing Piece – Peace
We look at the big picture of our lives and begin to place the puzzle pieces in the correct order, we re-define and look at the foundations of our values and evaluate the conditions of our hearts, based on the scripture “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”

The Prince of Peace – Who governs our lives?
We focus on positioning ourselves according to God’s order. Cornerstones of peace are put in place.

Woman of Peace – Rediscovering our identity, and learning to see ourselves through God’s eyes. This lesson is based on the Song of Songs.

The Peace Warrior or Worrier in Pieces?
This lesson empowers you to walk in peace and victory. Have you learned the secret of walking with a victorious spirit and displaying peace when facing difficult situations?

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